Wills life

hello bloggers and  people this is my new series of a fiction  story  hope you enjoy it!😄

As i walked towards this huge building with bricks holding it together , i walked up to towards these big blue door with silver handles i heard all my friends laughing in his head and saying you going to school ha! , you would scare even the bullies.

He scattered the laughing and the comment in his head away. Pressing forward to clasp the the silver handle and threw the door open and stepped in the high school and was overwhelmed  by the numbers of students and almost turned back until someone tapped his shoulder , he turned around and saw Ellie .

Ellie said,”I hoped you were kidding about coming to my high school but i should have known better , that when you make up your mind it doesn’t change. Now come on silly get out the the middle of the door.”

Will said ” oh” and moved out of the doorway .

Ellie grab Will by the around the arm sink eyeing every girl that looked at Will . Ellie made her way through the crowd toward her friends and said ” everyone this is will”

her friend said,”Hi  Will”  at the same time then the bell rang and Ellie said to Will ” what class do you have  1st hour?”

Will said,” art” with a serious face

she laughed and said,” I have the same class we can go together ”

They walked to there class together  while Landon looked jealously at Will then walked to class

Will was sitting in art class listening to the teacher plus sneaking glances at Ellie other at side of  her table, he heard from the teacher that there project

the teacher said,”Paint your greatest fear and you have three days in class to finish it . It’s must be Creative ” intensified looking at the all the students.

Then everyone got up to get a big paper and paint brush & paint. He got paint and a paint brush and started paint  black cement when Ellie came over to look at his painting

Ellie said,”Wow nice work and what you trying to paint will?”

Will said,”The teacher did say your greatest fears that’s you dieing as your guardian i breaks me every time you die”the emotion in his green eyes :obvious sadness

Ellie said,”Oh,mm maybe you should do something other than that so they don’t think you’re weird”

then the teacher said,”Ellie are you supposed to doing your painting right now” towering over her

Ellie whispered,” bye” then stuck out her tongue at him  while she walked back to her side of the table, and he winked nobody saw. She went back to painting her paint by the end of the 1st period he learned teachers are strict and he’s good a painting.

Ellie said,” next class?”

Will said,” chemistry G112 ”

Ellie said,”I know where that is , follow me Will”

He came to his class Ellie said,” bye ” and left to her class. he took his seat in the back of the class and the bell rang . he heard the chemistry teacher said,”Things are made of atoms and what are atoms?, well glad you asked there are things that make the basic elements exist” while the teacher was talking Will was thinking  what? i don’t get this is everything really made out of atoms ahhhhh my head hurts 

Finally the bell rang and when everyone left right when it rang and Ellie was waiting at the door for Will. Will turned toward the teacher and looked at him.

Will said,”Terrible class and there  are no atoms teacher.”

And walked out of the classroom.

Will met ellie with a suffering glance and said to Ellie”Chemistry bad class i am going to skip that class.”  Ellie sighed and nodded her head back a forth. They walked to there third hour together Ellie drop off Will and she went to class. Ellie had landon and kate in the her class . The bell rang the teacher started teaching.

landon said,”So how long have you know this Will?” in a suspicious voice in a whisper

Ellie was thinking of an answer Will i know him for a centuries no that just weird maybe  this one  i know him since i was seventeen when i ran into  him at the mall and we talked no no to long  i have it since i turned 17 years old i have known him.

Ellie said, “Since my 17th birthday i have known him” in a whisper

landon said ” how much do you know him? and he looks college guy by the way!” in a  harsh whisper

kate said” yeah he does look like a college student” in a whisper

Ellie said” Okay enough of this subject let’s listen to the teacher blab” in a whisper

Kate laughed at the word blab and shut her mouth quickly because the goverment teacher looked sharply at her. the bell rang 3rd hour was over now lunch time.

Spring easter poem

Everything is having a breath life 

Winter made everything dead

Now its time to celebrate spring again 

With it lush green fields and flowers poping up

Jesus came back to life on this very day

Its like a praise for jesus from coming back  from nature 

Spring is a gift to him 

Its is beautiful 

Are you afraid to step out?

Hi, bloggers and people i know it been a while. How are you guy?. I realize today that i was afraid to step out until a friend nudged me to try it. It was fun!, not scary at all. 

We have to try to step out once in a while and try new things or else we are stuck in a loop of things we are too comfortable with to change. I know jesus did something different that the pharisees didn’t do at all . Jesus  showed that god loves every one even bullys and ect…. and spoke about sin and spiritual chains . Jesus had dinner with sinners that the pharisees hated and thought unclean . I guess i am saying is that they were too comfortable with what they had and some people are like that today too. We all need something new in are lives that we think is crazy or not us. God could use those experiences to change you or turn someone to chirst and he can use different. There are dreamers out there living there dreams or planning and take the step on to take the challenge, while were comfortable in are castle . it reminds me of a quote from my fav book Angelfire 

” The brave my not live forever, but the cautious never live at all”- Courtney Allison Moulton, Angelfire 

 It kind of fits in. So put some spark in your life break habits in what you do and LIVE.

Thats my challenge to all who read this !

Try something new 

travel the world


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hi guys i know its been a long time but i still want this blog ,i hope you enjoy this post.

on the highway you see fields of farms and pretty gold brown fields

when night come you see a cluster of stars

You see a pond on the road 

The sun reflects on the pond makeing it look pretty 

the sunrise is golden and red mixed when it rises

lights up the day

when the day ends you see sunset with a purple color and orange surrounding it and then it goes down

you are in the woods you hear birds singing happy song

you are so amazed in the thing you see

you are thankful you have them in your life







Thirty Day Blogging Challenge #2: Day Two

This really help me a lot and sometimes iforget i am not perfect myself, its a great post and you guys  who hasn’t readed this post you should read it!

1 Timothy 4:12 Girl


Hey everyone, I hope your day has been pleasant! Sorry I’m posting this a little late in the afternoon, I went to see a movie today and just got home!

Today’s prompt is “Describe the good, the bad, and the ugly of yourself“. I’m not quite sure how to go about doing this, but I’ll do my best!

The good: I believe that I’m an overall nice person. I try to be kind to others and hardworking in my aspirations. I also try (sometimes unsuccessfully, as a fallen human) to put Jesus first in every area of my life.

The bad: As I’ve written about in various places before, I tend to struggle with OCD and perfectionism. Struggling with OCD/Perfectionism isn’t a sin, but it can make it harder to focus on the important things in life and keep my priorities straight.

The ugly: Sometimes I have a…

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Truth or dare

Hi, bloggers and people , how are you guys? Good?. do you live or just existing?, i was righting in my journal and my grandma came down to see what i was doing and then i was thinking about living and existing whats the difference between them?

 Existing is : just in your little bubble and you are selfish. In your world. 

Living is: taking risk , standing  for something and well living your dream and not being afraid to fail or like what my choir teacher say is “fail forward ”

I have been just existing myself , in my own little world and seeing opportunitys to live , but missing  them, what are you doing  living or existing?.Like the song breakaway by kellie Clarkson lyrics says:

I’ll take a risk 

Take a chance

Make a change and break away 

– kellie  Clarkson  break away 

My dream is split right now between writeing and dancing but to make either of them happen i need to live and make a risk , whats your dream in life?. I know that if you follow god he also gives you you’re hearts desire , its the same if you want god you got to wake up and risk everything you have and follow him like in Matthew 8:18-22 you had to leave all  you knew which is kind a the same thing in what i writeing about. Live in the light and don’t just live in the dark or existing world okay. 

Love you guys 😘and happy new year 🎉